Stopping Foreclosures & Power Of Sale

In Brampton, power of sale and foreclosure are is the most common ways for lenders to take control of a property. Lenders are given this right by the Ontario Mortgages Act. This Act defines the rights of home owners and mortgage lenders and it details the steps that must be taken to take over a property.

In the event of a mortgage lender using these legal processes to remove you from your home, we recommend contacting us soon as possible. Every day that passes once one of these legal processes are started will make it cost more to stop.

Help and Advice to Stop Power of Sale, Foreclosure or Eviction

We can provide free legal advice for power of sale and foreclosure situations and refer you to a specialty lawyer. If you contact us early in the process, we can stop the action against your property for a relatively small fee.

Upon calling please have the following legal documentation ready, and be prepared to send us the documents electronically. We’ve prepared a list of the important legal documents we will require.

Notice of Default –  Alerts the homeowner of further legal proceedings if their mortgage is not paid off.

Statement of Claim – The amount of money the lender wants to bring the mortgage into good standing.

Writ of Possession – Alerts the homeowner that the mortgage lender will shortly be able to seize their property.

Eviction Notice – Gives the date and time in which the homeowner will be removed from their property and the mortgage lender will take control of the property.


Our team specializes in stopping these legal processes. Call or email us right away to stop power of sales and foreclosures!